Face Cleansing Organic Silk Cocoons Set (20 pcs)

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Organic Silk Cocoons helps to remove dirt from the pores and retain a smooth skin. Sensitive skin types can also use Organic Silk Cocoons. Blackhead Organic Silk Cocoons is reusable for 2-3 times. It is very affordable and is an effective way to deep cleanse your skin. Removes blackheads and sebum.

20 pcs

Cocoon can replace towel when washing your face, because the texture of the towel is easy to damage the skin and make the skin loose; and the towel is not easy to keep clean at all times, sometimes even smelly, causing secondary pollution to the skin, pores become coarse, and skin care products are wasted. Silkworm cocoons clean the face, throw away when used, each time is brand new, will not cause damage to the skin, and is also very friendly to sensitive muscles and cuticles.

  • Soak the silkworm cocoons in boiling water and control the time according to your favorite hardness, usually 20 minutes. The silkworm cocoon is full of water, and the silk can fall off slightly .
  •  Put the silkworm cocoon on the index finger or middle finger and apply facial cleanser, instead of the face brush .
  • After cleansing, clean twice, massage the face with blackheads, acne and T area gently back and forth for 5-10 minutes .
  • After cleansing, you can use the toner or the water of the silkworm to pat the face .
  • Use other cleansing products for skin care


  • Item Type: Face Cocoons Set
  • Material: Silkworm Silk
  • Set Quantity: 20 pcs
  • Features: Beauty Products, Beauty Tools, Face Cocoons

Weight 0.02 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 yd
False Eyelash Craft

Hand Made






Face cleaning


20pcs Silkworm cocoon


silk cocoon Ball

11 reviews for Face Cleansing Organic Silk Cocoons Set (20 pcs)

  1. F***a

    evverything ok like always best cocoon ball ever, much much better than cheaper one from other auctions

  2. M***i

    Everything’s fine and I recommend this store

  3. D***v

    Excellent … Best buy

  4. K***k

    Good, i reccomend

  5. G***k

    amazing,i’m so glad thanks

  6. K***a


  7. W***i

    These are great cocoons. I soak them in hot water and use them for exfoliating my face. I love them and would buy more when I run out.

  8. K***k

    very good

  9. S***s

    They pull out blackheads which was an unexpected surprise

  10. T***e

    Good product, I started using those silkworm cocoons some time ago and I can admit that they work fine. The skin seems to be smooth and refreshed after using these organic cocoons.

  11. A***n

    Good product.

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